Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PCB plan to host Australia in Sri Lanka

KARACHI: Pakistan plan to host their ODI series against Australia this August in Sri Lanka, a senior board official said on Tuesday.

In principle we have determined to hold the series against Australia in August in Sri Lanka but we are negotiate with the Sri Lankan board for a positive deal, PCB chief operating officer Siobhan Ahmed told Reuters 4 ODI internationals and 3 T20 games are planned.

The venue in Sri Lanka where we will embrace the matches will be decided soon. The Australians have also not articulated any reservations over playing in Sri Lanka, Ahmed said. Pakistan have be playing their series in the UAE venues of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah since distant teams refuse to visit the nation after a 2009 gun attack on the Sri Lanka side.

Ahmed said UAE had been lined out of contention because the withstand in August would be too hot. In case we don't reach a cost effective deal with the Sri Lankan board, South Africa is the other replace neutral venue for us, Ahmed said. The PAKISTAN CRICKET BOARD has invite Bangladesh to break the mould and play an ODI series in Pakistan in April.

Ahmed said the PCB was still waiting for a positive response from the BCB With time running out it appears difficult they will send their team to Pakistan which would be a shame, he added. A series next to Bangladesh at a neutral venue is not cost effectual for us so that is not in our planning.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

David’s 27 - Festival of Praise

Mumbai, Board of Control for Cricket in India's Rahul Dravid recently retired in Mumbai on 27 - E-appreciation service.

End hotel in Bandra in Mumbai tajlent in the occasion of the Indian team players, former players, family members of Dravid, BCCI's former, current players that participated included the BCCI said in a announcement.

In the 2nd test at the highest accumulation of the 16-year international cricket career over the Dravid - came to an end on. Outstanding role to Indian cricket gave him a farewell ceremony organized in a way that Kevin wanted to ΓΌ.

Dravid has played in 164 Test matches so far, 36 century’s, including a chance 63 of centuries 15, 470 run. 344 ODI centuries in 12 matches, including 83 fifties and is compounded by 10.889.